“Amazing hot yoga class!!!! Will be back again and again!”
– James S.

“Love love love the new hot studio! Amazing teachers and classes!”
– Christine E.

“Chelsea Halstead is great, and the facility is spectacular!”
– Anthony H.

“Russell and Chelsea are great instructor!! Thanks to them!!”
– Marie K

“What an amazing class: Chelsea was an amazing instructor! Way to go: I absolutely LOVE the changes you have made in the last 8 months!”
– Jessica D.

“I’m not a yoga person but decided to try yoga sculpt with Russell who, I think, is one of the best, top notch instructors at Studio. Russell was welcoming, helpful, broke down the moves, and played awesome music! Loved it- especially since I’m more into Zumba. Thanks Russell and Crystal at the front desk for a great experience. I will be coming back for yoga sculpt and integrate it in my exercise routine from now on.”
– Michelle F.

“I love the Hot Flow classes in the evenings with Miranda…as well as the Saturday and Sunday classes. I had the day off today and had the chance to take Flow Fusion: I’d love for it to be a regular class for me!”
– JoAnne J.

“Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Chelsea was fantastic. Definitely learned some stuff today to improve my form.”
– Lisa D.

“Andrew delivers a well thought out class. I love his classes as they are always new and different. I greatly appreciate having the shift in yoga routine. Andrew also has a thoughtful way of walking everyone through the routine.”
– Christi B.

“Chelsea is an excellent instructor. In most yoga classes, about half the students are confused when we are told to “flow on our own,” but not with Chelsea. She does a great job of sticking with the class. I got a great workout today!”
– Katie M.

“Russell is great. Works us hard, encourages, corrects, inspires and uses humor. He’s a rare combo and great instructor.”
– Suzzanne F.

“My new favorite yoga class 🙂 ”
– Carolyn R.

“It was wonderful! Carly is definitely my favorite teacher so far!”
– Liandra C.

“Chelsea is descriptive with cues and helpful with modifications. I appreciate her narration, ‘Yoga changes with our attitude approach.'”
– Stacey L.

“Always appreciate Chelsea taking the time to teach classes on holidays.”
– Milca W.

“Whitney is a great addition to an excellent cadre of teachers! Very good positive energy with an obvious passion for sharing yoga through well-planned classes that challenge physicality, flexibility and balance.”
– William C.

“Great class – I so appreciate that Cassey does not have loud music or overtalk so much 🙂 ”
– Holly R.

“Coach Russell makes challenging classes fun. Great for skill building and fitness.”
– William C.

“So good! Loved the music choices and Michael’s guidance in the practice. Nice and easy slow long holds. Still got sweaty!”
– Eydie B.

“Cassey consistenly chose customer care, concisely concentrating courtesy.”
– Leighton M.

“Loved Yoga Sculpt tonight! It was my first time with this class. Chelsea did a great job on instructions per usual. Loved the music – it picked up when I needed to pick it up. I was pushed throughout the entire class. It reminded me of a mix of PiYo, Insanity and P90X plus the heat from Hot Flow! New favorite!”
– Natasha S.

“Such a great Thanksgiving Appreciation Practice class! So happy to have the opportunity to practice today: music and mindful message on point!”
– Natasha S.

“Chelsea was great as always: thank you for supporting Veterans too.”
– Lisa D.

“Always enjoy Chelsea’s class: she has a calming voice with mindful information. She helps with adjustments that are needed and helpful hints and reminders to be sure you are using proper form.”
– Natasha S.

“Have enjoyed all of Russell’s classes, temperature and music! He guides you well, yet lets you flow on your own. Always look forward to class with him whether it’s hot flow or Yoga Sculpt.”
– Natasha S.

“A wonderful way to start the weekend!”
– Lisa D.

“Another great class! Loved working on the breathing portion.”
– Lisa D.

“These classes have definitely been a great addition to my workout routine. The instructor Miranda seems to have a feel for the class’s abililities and maintaining a pace to ensure beginners and intermediate students are both maximizing their potential.”
– Nathan H.

“Love Lidija’s attitude and sense of calm/peace. I find I can make the class as moderate or challenging as I want because of the variations she suggests. Some days I feel like pushing myself and some days I need to recover from a big day in the mountains so go easier.”
– Jennifer A.

“I love the immediate healthy results I feel right after Hot Flow. While I’m drenched in sweat, I feel my body’s detoxification. Also, my joints feel so much better after all the yoga movements. Great instructor, keeps a safe and fun environment, music choices are good, and I always look forward to the cold towel after. Thank you Studio for having this part of your activities. Great for busy people like me. Wonderful experience, always!”
– Leah V.

“Chelsea was very soothing, perfect for restorative yoga.”
– Shoshanna K.

“Hot Flow was fantastic! Perfect temp and loved the flow sequences. Lots of different moves and so much fun.”
– Lisa D.

“Love this Hot Flow class. Such a great add to my workouts. Challenging, centering and a great sweat.”
– Dana A.

“Hot Flow is an intense class! Get ready to move, flow and sweat. Lidija was great at giving us instruction and helping keep our breathing connected to our movements. I will definitely be back!”
– Michelle S.

“Loved it, the room is wonderfully heated and humidified, and Lidija’s energy is just what Monday mornings need.”
– Shoshanna K.

“Devon is one of my favorite instructors. I like the super clear instructions, physical challenge and fun vibe. Fun is key.”
– Jennifer A.

“Love the new gentle flow class! Love Lidja too!”
– Lisa D.